CjOverkill User Manual :: Installation


From CjOverkill version 5.0.1 the script supports multiple sites from a single installation. From now on, the site that has the cjadmin directory and panel will be considered the main site. It is usually the first site where the script is installed.

You can run one or 500 sites from the same installation without any problems. Take a look at the Cluster Setup section for detailed instructions about how to setup a cluster with alot of sites.

Main Site Installation

Download the CjOverkill package and uncompress it. Winzip will do the work. If you want to uncompress it on any UNIX like system then run tar -xvfz cjoverkill.tar.gz.

Follow these steps:

  • Upload all the files to your server. Upload the php files using BINARY format for FTP transfers.
  • Set cj-conf.inc.php file permissions to 666 (read/write allowed).
  • Load the cjoverkill-install.php script in your browser once all files have been uploaded to your site and the needed file permissions have been set.
  • Fill your database and site information into the installation form and follow the instructions.

First Site Setup

Once you have finished the installation you will have to add your first site using the "Add Site" option in the admin panel. Then refresh the admin panel and your site will appear there.

Now you are ready to track traffic on that first site.

In oder to track that traffic you need to include the in.php file to your index file using the following includes depending of your index file. That include must be placed on the first line of your index file. It's recommended to use php index files because they are faster in processing and also the anticheat and filter features work much better with them.

PHP index file (index.php):

<?php include ("in.php"); ?>

SSI index file (index.shtml):

<!--#include file="in.php" -->

Once you have added the in.php include your site will count all the incomming traffic via CjOverkill and you will start seing incomming traffic for that site in your admin panel.

In order to track all the outgoing traffic and clicks you must link all your outgoing links through the out.php script. To be able to track clicks you must link all the links (or the ones you want to track) on your page to make them pass through out.php. In this case a normal plain link like:

<a href="http://www.example.com">Clickhere</a>

would need to be redone to:

<a href="out.php?url=http://www.example.com">Click here</a>

  • Normal: "out.php" (will make any click go to a trade)
  • To URL: "out.php?url=http://www.example.com"
  • Skimming: "out.php?pct=70&url=http://www.example.com" (70% odds to go to url 30% odds to go to trade)
  • Skimming: "out.php?p=50&url=http://www.example.com" (alternative method to declare skim)
  • First Click to URL: "out.php?f=1&pct=70&url=http://www.example.com" (First click goes to url, and other clicks are skimmed like in normal skimming)
  • To Trade: "out.php?trade=example.com"
  • Track Link: "out.php?link=blablabla"


First click to url + 85% skimming + link tracking: "out.php?f=1&p=85&link=blablabla&url=http://www.example.com/tgp.php"

Click goes to trade with domain example.com and lick is tracked (useful for permanent linking to trades): "out.php?link=blablabla&trade=example.com"

Click goes to url with 100% odds and link is tracked (useful for permanent links): "out.php?link=blablabla&url=http://www.example.com"

NOTE: when you specify an url parameter, if you do not specify skim percentage all the clicks will go to that url.

Adding More Sites

Once you have installed and configured the first site, you only need to copy all the files outside of the cjadmin directory to the new site. Remember to copy the cj-conf.inc.php file from the first site to the other sites. After you have copied the files to the other sites, you can just add them to the cjadmin via the "Add Site" panel like you did with the first site.

If the other sites are hosted on another server then read the Cluster Setup section for more information about how to setup your network in multiserver mode.