Cjoverkill User Manual :: FAQ

On what sites can I use this script?

Any kind of site can use CjOverkill. Just make sure that if you run a non adult network your sites have been flagged as non adult (site add panel or site edit panel).

Where does the 1% of payload traffic go?

The 1% traffic payload goes to clean sites that have no popups nor dialers or other similar stuff. If you have flagged your site as non adult then the traffic will go to clean non adult sites.

If you have added your GalacyCash.com login to the Network Settings panel part of the payload traffic will go to GalaxyCash sites with 50% revshare of the sales it generates.

When I click on my out.php page it drives me to some site that is not mine. What's happening?

Most probably you have just filtered yourself. also if you don't suply an alternative out url, the script will send the traffic there.

It's recommended to change the alternative out url of your sites to your sponsor url, your traffic hub url or another site of yours. you can do that from the Site Edit panel.

If you happen to filter your own IP, make sure to remove it from the IP filter and ad it to the IP whitelist. In addition you can change the default filter URL from the Site Edit panel.

I have lost my admin password. What to do now?

Take a look at the "Other Admin Tasks" section of this same manual about how to reset the admin password.