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Old 2nd February 2009, 08:56 PM
klaasjanneke klaasjanneke is offline
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Default My Cjoverkill has been hacked

My cjoverkill (version: 4.1.2), was hacked by some Islam-Group. Very strange. Today i went to my website, and didn`t see MY website, but some weird other website(with some text like: 'hacked by blabla' , 'Allah is the greatest' etc.). Why and how they did it, i don`t know. The website has very low vistors.

You can still look at it trough google`s cache (because i allready 'fixed' the problem on the site)

The website i`m talking about is the first( You don`t have to go to the page itself, because you won`t see anything anymore. But when you go the google`s cache you can still see what weird group hacked my CJ. (it has been there for 3 weeks, since i didn`t look at it in these 3 weeks.)

I will try to explain exactly what i did, so maybe you people can pinpoint where the problem lies.

Firstly i deleted: in.php , this didn`t help.

2: I went into the database, and deleted old PHPBB-forum database entries from it. This wasn`t working anymore , but i forgot to delete it months ago. The forum-files wern`t on the server anymore, just the database entries.

3: When the forum-entries were deleted from the database, the page was gone, i now could see my own frontpage again. But, out.php etc. still wasn`t working (when i clicked those pages, i again got that weird website).

4: I deleted al cj-related files. The problem was solved, because i only got that website if i clicked a CJ-related php file.

5: I installed the newest CJ on another website, and i made one of the sites in the network. Uploaded in.php and out.php etc. And it now works all fine.

I really don`t know how they did it. It looks to me that the phpbb database entries are related, because the frontpage turned back normal when i deleted those. The cj was defenitly 'infected' , because every CJ page i clicked, i got that website again. Other pages worked fine

I really don`t know if this is usefull, but maybe it is. And i also know that it is important to update the CJ over time. But i don`t look at my website often I now have the newest version, and i fully trust you people that it is secure.

English isn`t my native language. So don`t mind the typo`s
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