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Default CjOverkill 5.2.2 released

CjOverkill 5.2.2 has been released today.

This is mainly a bugfix and compatibility release.

These are the changes from previous versions:

1 ) CjOverkill now ships encoded with Zend and IonCube.
2 ) CjOverkill now tries to enforce a correct error_reporting setting in case the server has an unproperly configured php.
3 ) The toplist generation setting is now properly shown.
4 ) A specific function has been implemented in order to sanityze variables in the admin panel. This prevents some integrity errors under specific PHP configurations.
5 ) Fixed a bug that prevented proper trades copying from one site to another when MySQL was not returning properly escaped strings.
6 ) Fixed a small bug that was reporting incorrect Country Log OUT values for special trades under specific PHP configurations.

To upgrade just replace all your CjOverkill files except the and then login into your cjadmin. Follow the upgrade wizard instructions and you are done.

More information into the UPGRADE.txt file that comes with the script.
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