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ICEFIRE 15th April 2010 02:24 PM

CjOverkill 5.1.1 released
CjOverkill 5.1.1 has been released today.

These are all the changes from previous versions:

1 ) Mass add trade to all the sites at once feature added.
2 ) Mass delete trade from all the sites added to the delete trade option.
3 ) Allow to specify url parameter when using also trade parameter in out.php in order to be able to send hits to different urls into the same trade domain or to different domain tracking into one specific trade.
4 ) The referer logs engine has been completely redesigned to be able to work with much more efficiency under heavy loads.
5 ) The log pruning function will also prune the ref logs now aiming to reduce load on busy machines.
6 ) The GalaxyCash link has been changed since the GalaxyCash project is being redesigned and reworked completely.
7 ) The special trade known as ICEFIRE has been renamed to GalaxyMedia in order to reflect that there is a company with well trained monkeys in a basement dedicated to the CjOverkill project.
8 ) MySQL InnoDB bug handling indexes is now surpassed in an elegant way instead of firing a full database repair.
9 ) The site reset and delete procedures are now much faster and cause less load. This is specially noticeable when using InnoDB tables with MySQL version 4.x.
10 ) The Q trade/site quality factor is back by popular demand and works the same way as it worked in CjOverkill version 4.x.
11 ) The stats panel has been slightly enlarged to be able to fit the Q factor results and to be more easy to read on sites with big traffic numbers in the stats.
12 ) The DEFAULT site will show a message in the trades panel telling you not to add trades to it.
13 ) Lots of small optimizations have been added.
14 ) The automatic database repair routine has been optimized to be less resource greedy.

To upgrade just replace all your CjOverkill files except the and then login into your cjadmin. Follow the upgrade wizard instructions and you are done.

More information into the UPGRADE.txt file that comes with the script.

ICEFIRE 15th April 2010 04:18 PM


If you have downloaded CjOverkill version 5.1.1 on 15th April then you should download it again and replace your and cjadmin/site_reset.php files with the ones that come in the current package.

Xeandrac 16th April 2010 10:47 AM

After upgrading I get this error±

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_2' doesn't exist', '10')' at line 1

Tried to repair the Db, here´s the report

CjOverkill database has been repaired

dgsptrades.cjoverkill_blacklist repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_cheatreports repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_country_log_in repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_country_log_out repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_daily repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_daily_totals repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_filter_base repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_filter_client repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_filter_country repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_filter_ip repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_filter_ipwhite repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_filter_method repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_forces repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_links repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_network_settings repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_reset repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_security repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_sites repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_sites_settings repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_stats repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_trades repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_warnings repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_1 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_1 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_1 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_1' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_2 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_2 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_2 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_2' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_3 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_3 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_3 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_3' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_4 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_4 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_4 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_4' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_5 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_5 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_5 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_5' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_6 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_6 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_6 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_6' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_7 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_7 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_7 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_7' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_23 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_23 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_23 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_23' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_24 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_24 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_24 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_24' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_25 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_25 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_25 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_25' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_26 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_26 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_26 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_26' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_27 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_27 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_27 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_27' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_28 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_28 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_28 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_28' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_29 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_29 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_29 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_29' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_30 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_30 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_30 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_30' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_31 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_31 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_31 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_31' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_32 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_32 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_32 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_32' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_33 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_33 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_33 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_33' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_34 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_34 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_34 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_34' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_35 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_35 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_35 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_35' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_36 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_36 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_36 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_36' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_37 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_37 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_37 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_37' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_38 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_38 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_38 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_38' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_39 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_39 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_39 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_39' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_40 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_40 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_40 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_40' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_41 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_41 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_41 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_41' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_42 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_42 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_42 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_42' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_43 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_43 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_43 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_43' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_44 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_44 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_44 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_44' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_45 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_45 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_45 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_45' doesn't exist
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_in_47 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_iplog_out_47 repair status OK
dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_47 repair Error Table 'dgsptrades.cjoverkill_ref_47' doesn't exist
putting back the old version

Gr. Xean

I'm using

if (!isset($cj_in_cookie) || $cj_in_cookie==""){
    setcookie ("cj_in_cookie",time(),"1",time()+($cookietime*1));
    include ("in.php");

When I put the new in.php on my server I get the error.

ICEFIRE 16th April 2010 12:41 PM

Upload all the new new version files except the Then enter into the cjadmin and follow the upgrade instructions.

If you don't enter the cjadmin and perform the automated upgrade on enter then you will get that kind of error.

Xeandrac 16th April 2010 06:08 PM

I did that.

Xeandrac 16th April 2010 06:11 PM

I think I had an hickup when I did the upgrade, I logged in just now and got the upgrade screen (again). It all seems to be working perfectly now.

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