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13th January 2009, 07:17 PM

today found your Projekt, thats fine. I will use TGP Script for free.
I have some Question to the Dev Team.

What is this ?

$url = base64_decode( "aHR0cDovL3BheWxvYWQuY2pvdmVya2lsbC5jb20vY2pvdmVya2 lsbC5waHA=" );
$url = "".$url."?webmaster=".$galaxycash_login."&niche=".$site_niche."";

$site_url = $_POST['url'];
$site_desc = $_POST['site_desc'];
$site_name = $_POST['site_name'];
$site_niche = $_POST['site_niche'];
$altout = "http://payload.cjoverkill.com/cjoverkill.php";
$filter_url_default = "http://payload.cjoverkill.com/cj-filter.php";
$nocookie_url_default = "http://payload.cjoverkill.com/cj-filter.php";

Why Transfer USERDATA to a other Server?


13th January 2009, 10:38 PM
Unless you are using some really early beta, that will mos probably crash your server or was lots of resources, you should not have access to this source code because version 5.x is zend encoded.

Of course, if you have taken your time to decompile a zend encoded file, then you should know what it does, so this explaination would be completely trivial.

Anyways, here we go...

The out.php related part is the 1% traffic back payment... well, a little part of it. Changing this part or avoiding it is not allowed by the script license. What you see as $galaxycash_login is part of the former integration with galaxycash, and the 1% payload traffic was sent to a paysite carrying the webmaster ID. since galaxycash is no longer active the galaxycash part will not work. This is already removed in version 5.1.1 that is being developed.

The siteadd related part is just default values that are needed when you add a site to the sites list. You can change that after by just hitting the site edit button.

Anyways, could you tell me where did you get the source code from?