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13th January 2014, 06:53 PM
This post is to define the progress of CjOverkill 6.0 development roadmap and milestones.

Feel free to comment and post feature requests.

The next CjOverkill version will be a major milestone and will have some new features along with lots of optimizations and changes. The main goal is to make multisite administration more easy and get higher performance with less server resources by using the new features modern php versions bring to the table.

New features:

1 ) Multiple admins and admin roles. This feature will allow the site or network owner to delegate trades or entire sites trade administration to some worker identified by it's own user and password with specific administration privileges.
2 ) Inline help. The manual and best practices advices will be integrated with the admin interface. This will make the start learning curve for new trade adminsitrator much more easy.
3 ) Automatic weighted trade option for all trade methods. This will make high traffic networks use less server resources. Depending on the total traffic it could be in orders of 3 magnitudes less server resources.
4 ) Real time toplist in database. Toplist will be able to regenerate in real time and to be stored in database directly. This will help integration with other scripts.
5 ) Javascript tracking option. This will allow tracking of javascript enabled browsers.
6 ) Mobile traffic filtering, redirecting and tracking. This will allow tracking, trading and redirecting mobile traffic based on country location.
7 ) Completely new GeoIP tracking. The GeoIP system will be completely rewritten with a new more powerful one.
8 ) ISP/Internet provider filtering. Same as country filtering, now it will be possible to filter entire ISPs or providers.
9 ) Entropy autofiltering anticheat method. Now sending lots of hits from the same ISP will trigger ancheat alarms even if they are from different city or country.
10 ) Database optimization. It will be possible to change the database tabes engine from the admin interface.
11 ) PDO database interface. The database interface will be completely rewritten to use PDO instead of the old and native mysql libraries. This will allow coding of custom extensions in the future.
12 ) Click triggering using javascript and cookie methods for better surfers tracking.
13 ) Global and local banns.
14 ) Group search engine traffic into a special trade (SE spiders and incoming traffic separated).
15 ) more than 24 hours of history and trade graphs. The aim is to get it to work with 1 year of traffic stats and graphs.
16 ) Graphs for trades, sites and network traffic.
17 ) Admin interface integrated text editor (tinymce), so there is no need to put raw html in the trade rules and other fields.
18 ) Full php 5.5 and MySQL 5.5 compliance.
19 ) Option to change site domain (similar to moving all the trades to a new domain).
20 ) Option to mail or warn admin when a new trade has signed for trading.
21 ) Catcha for new trades signing with trade.php This will help avoid bots autosigning for trades.
22 ) Remote tracking for pure html sites or sites that cannot run CjOverkill database on their servers (budget servers for example). This will also help with easy and simple integration with packaged scripts that don't allow code edition.

Technical details:

This new version will be encoded with IonCube because Zend optimizer has no compatibility between php versions nor backwards compatibility. All the zend specific related code will be rewritten using standard php functions.

Legacy php support will be discontinued. Php 5.2 has reached it's end of life since more than a year according to php makers. This new version will rely strongly on php 5.4 and 5.5 features, yet it will run ok on php 5.3 and php 5.2. Unfortunately, it will not run on php 5.1 or early php versions like previous versions.

23rd February 2014, 12:45 PM
wow it sounds very nice :)

when do you release it?

best regards

26th February 2014, 06:35 PM
Its under developement.
There is no specific release date untill the first working beta is done.

This is a complete rewrite with very major changes, so it will take some time.