View Full Version : 1 Site with 10 Toplists...Possible ?

18th March 2013, 01:08 AM
is it possible to create 10 or more toplists on 1 site ?

I want to create a site where u have 10 Categories like: movie sites, game sites, fun sites...
Every category need a fresh toplist with toplist ranking and a option to register a new site.
I have test it with 1 installation of cjoverkill.
When i create a site it is http://www.blablabla.de and works on this site but only with one toplist but when want to create more sites a canīt create it with the same domain.

I hope u have a solution for me and my problem.

Thanks so much at first...

15th April 2013, 05:21 PM
Unfortunately this is not possible with a single CjOverkill installation because there will be no proper way to distinguish one site from other.

Yan can make a separe installation per site, and then in will do the work.