View Full Version : one way trade setup

12th October 2012, 05:50 AM
how do i setup a 1 way trade , to send traffic without expecting traffic in return ? kind a traffic selling

12th October 2012, 10:05 AM
The best way is to setup the trade as usual. Then select the trade and hit the edit button. Configure the following options:

Toplist = No --> Will not appear in your toplist
Status = IMMUTABLE --> will never get disabled nor antcicheats checked
Traffic force = How much traffic per hour you plan to sell to that broker

Of course, you must have that traffic in excess in order to sell it. Otherwise your other trades may starve and will not grow because the trade that sends to the traffic broker will be getting the traffic your other trades need to grow. You can always disable it for short periods of time while growing new trades.

You can also put that trade in boost or overkill mode, but then it will take automatically the maximum possible priority. Use this option with caution.