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15th July 2012, 12:34 PM

I've been trying to create a best-of me on wordpress, so did my steps, and it comes up to this point, no error message.

First Install cjoverkill_ioncube52 (all in the root)

Second this index in the code hinzugefühgt: <php include ("in.php");?>

Third php code plugin instaled and the code eingefühgt <php include

Only now I have the problem that the topliste not updated and the trades are eingefühgten after few minutes all disabled :-(

which may be the fault?

15th July 2012, 01:48 PM
I assume your trades are still small.

Select your site and hit the Edit button or Settings link.
Set the minimum hits in to 1 or 0

The toplist will update every hour with the first visit of that hour if you have active trades.

15th July 2012, 02:23 PM
thx very nice

15th July 2012, 03:46 PM
Now I still have a prob, I do not understand this ...

Now every time when you click on one of the partners will open the page eg anything here:

http://www.iradiations.com/index.php?y=7152192&r=c%3EbYKi%5BHmieHmwcoNvZ3%3Au%27f%3Ebtl%3Cef%3C69 %3C2%3C2%3C82632%3A3%3Ctuzmf2%6069%2Fdtt%3C3%3Cjou fsdptnpt%60bggjmjbuf%6034%60e3s%60efsq%3CJDFGJSF%5 B%3CJDFGJSF%5B%3C%3C25768%3Cdmfbo%3C%3Cbtl%3Cqbslf e%2Ftzoejdbujpo%2Fbtl%2Fdpn%27jqvb%60je%3E1dbf57d5 dd%3Aeb7831f58fg7gcccf1g11%27enybsht%3E4cd5fee65ec 3421dff%3A4b3g229b9566f&rd=3

not only for seuite partner? what can now ask to be back?

16th July 2012, 11:49 AM
This is because you got filtered yourself.

Go to the IP filter and remove your IP from there.
Also feel free to change the default filter url and alternative out urls in the site Settings panel. Just make sure that these don't point to a production site because the default filter url is where all the filtered bots will go.

16th July 2012, 11:50 AM
Also go to Method Filter panel and enable the POST method.
By default it's disabled, but most wp isntallation needs it to be enabled.