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27th May 2012, 12:57 PM
How I can open trade form?
How I can modifi trade Rules?
I can not find this in the admin of the site.

How I can generate & modifi top list?

Please screenshots of the menu.

28th May 2012, 11:01 AM
First of all, use the Add site link and add your site.
After refreshing the admin it will show your site link. You can click on it and then a new windows with trades list will open for that site. You can add and delete trades from there.

Also you can modify the trade rules from the settings link on the site panel.

The toplist generates every hour with the first visit of that hour. There must be met several requirement for the toplist to generate:
1 ) There must be active trades with traffic. The first time the toplist generates it needfs usually 2 hours, then it regeneraqtes every hour.
2 ) The toplist directory must have correct permissions (777 usually)
3 ) The files into the toplist directory must have correct permissions (666 or 777)
4 ) Into the settings panel the path to the toplist directory must be correct. the default is to have it into the same directory as the files that have the in.php include.

For every .templ file into the toplist directory a .html file with the same name will be generated every hour.
For example, a template called something.templ will generate something.html toplist file.

The .templ files are in fact html files, so you can edit them with your favourite html editor.