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9th May 2012, 08:06 PM
How do I add a top list to my website? I click on the site and then I click on top list, but it doesn't actually explain how to add it to my site. Link code question. Do I place the link code in my website or what is it exactly for ? how do does a website actually trade traffic, do they half to click on my top list or how does that exactly work ? I have 2 sites, i`m using one for my main site and the other im trading traffic with. I go to my other site just to see if anything will track and nothing does. Is there a place that I can go to check out how the cj script actually works other then the manual page ?

11th May 2012, 12:09 PM
Sorry for the late reply,

Seems you are new to traffic trading. I would be happy to explain you how it works and how your site can benefit from trading traffic with other sites. Just hit me on ICQ 171216535

Other than that, the toplists are generated usually into the directory called toplist. For every .templ file there is generated a .html file with the same name every hour with the first visit.
Then you can either use plain php include for that file or just iframe it somewhere on your site.