View Full Version : Where to get started?

16th January 2012, 01:13 PM
I had just installed cjoverkill onto my website. problem is I don't know where to start and I couldn't find a beginner's tutorial on the web.
which sites do I add? Do I have to contact the webmasters before for approval? is there a list?
I am really lost, and would appreciate help for getting started

16th January 2012, 02:29 PM
Hello and thank you for using CjOverkill.

You can check an extensive manual at http://www.cjoverkill.com/manual

Your first steps should be the following:

1 ) Login into your cjadmin
2 ) Click on the Add Site link and add your site to the installation. then hit the refresh link.
3 ) Select your site and click the edit button. Check that all the values are correct, specially if it's a non adult site make sure to set it as non adult.
4 ) Click on your site domain (it's a link) and a new window/tab will be open with the site trades. there you can add new trades with other sites.

5 ) to be able to track clicks and traded traffic add the in.php include to your site urls and then also add the out.php to the links you want to track clicks and use for trading.

If you are completely new to trade scripts, feel free to hit me on ICQ 171216535 and I can show you how the trade script mechanics work and how could your site benefit from trading traffic.