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28th October 2011, 01:39 PM

My first time on using such trade script. Heard some good reviews about this one. So start using it on one of my website. :)

* I am setting up trade to send hits to my partners. Now I believe this link:

Will send 50% hits to the url & 50% hits to my trades? Also I wonder if the url itself is from one of my trade partners. Will count hit +1 out?

* If not then I really need a way to send hits to my partner. Hit not just on the domain.com itself but domain.com/content/blahblah.html or any other specific url & script should count the hit as +1.

plz help me out here....

thank you

28th October 2011, 08:22 PM

There are two ways to send traffic to your trades.

1 ) Skimming hits from gallery hits:
For example, you have a sponsor provided gallery to http://www.example.com/gallery.html
You set the link to it that way: out.php?pct=60&url=http://www.example.com/gallery.html
This will send surfers who click on this link 60% to the gallery and 40% of the clicks to your trades.

2 ) Sending directly to trades:
For example, you trade with trading-site.com
You can set a direct link to out.php?trade=tradingsite.com This will send 100% of the clicks to trading-site.com main trading page. (the one you get to when clicking on the trading-site.com link fromt he admin).
Additionally, you could send a surfer to trading-site.com, but open another url of that site besides the main url:

In all cases, when a surfer is sent to your trades they get accounted +1 out.

28th October 2011, 09:53 PM
thnx mate................