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22nd April 2011, 08:05 PM
Where can i find more info what everything in the tradescreen means?
Like the following values.

Like how i can see. What traffic they send to me. What traffic did i send back.


24th April 2011, 12:39 PM
Q = trade quality. the higher the better. Trades with Q higher than 100% usually make you gain traffic.
Raw = page hits
Uniq = unique visitors in 24 hours period that your trades send to you
Out = Visitors you send to your trades
Clicks = the amount of clicks done by the incoming visitors
Prod = clicks vs uniq ratio. The higher the better
Return = Incoming (Uniq) vs outgoing (Out) ratio.
F = Desired traffic force hits in case you have set this via edit trade
Fd = Forced hits. This is the number of hits your site was able to force.

The uniq and Raw are counted from the in.php powered page
The clicks and outs are counted from the out.php powered links on your site.

So in order to count the clicks properly and make all the return ratios and other calculations, your links should be like out.php?pct=75&url=http://www.example.com/something.html
The pct parameter is the percentage of odds that the clicks on that link will go tot he url parameter. In this example, 75% chance to go to the url and 25% chance to go to a trade.

Hope this helps you

24th April 2011, 11:13 PM
You can see in the next link some more specific items.


What does that mean then? There are 2 values on the Out column.
But you didn't explain in the text above. :)

12th May 2011, 01:03 PM
Sorry for the late reply. Due to some reason the forum notification system didn't show your last post properly.

The out column has two values. the first is raw outs and the second is unique outs.
Usually CjOverkill sends unique outs to your trades and only that value is used for the script math. The raw outs may happen if you have a toplist and a surfer clicks twice on the same link or if you place a link incorrectly and your surfers click alot on that link.
Take the raw outs value just as informative value since it's not used in the trade return calculations.