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8th April 2011, 05:29 PM
the 5.1.1 version uses a master site- slave site concept as I under stand it. so when you first log on you see the page showing master site and slave sites that run under the master .So this page shows a group called "site domain" right under the header "current stats" these seem to be the slave sites ,then under that is a header that says "SITES" .I assume this is supposed to be the master site since it is capital letters and the DEFAULT is given the id of "1" but sites is plural.So maybe I have this backwards and "sites" are the slaves? which could be asked as a question 3] using the terms master and slave; "SITES" and "Site Domain" which would be which?

8th April 2011, 07:02 PM
There is no master and slave mechanic.
The DEFAULT site is the same as the other sites, bit only one difference, it will capture all the traffic that has no valid HTTP 1.1 header. This includes lots of bots and errored requests if your server is too busy to process them. Specially happens if you are on a shared server with lots of other sites and your site is the first one on the server IP. Then all the errored requests from the entire server will just go to you, and this is a gentle way to filter them out of the stats.
It also includes requests made from surfers with bugged browsers that think your site is another url. For example, a surfer whose browser thinks your site is www.example.com and passes it as referring url. There are not many of those, but some browsers hijacked by viruses have this kind of behavior.

You should use the add site option from the admin and add your site. Refresh, and then you can click on your site domain and it will open the trades panel for that site.

This is the usual flow on the logic level:

1 ) Surfer comes to a CjOverkill powered site
2 ) CjOverkill checks the request domain and looks for it into the sites list.
3.1 ) If domain exists (site added into the admin) , then it assigns the surfer to that site and deals the usual trading magic.
3.2 ) If the domain doesn't exist (site not added from the admin panel), then the surfer is assigned to the DEFAULT site.

As for sites in plural... Assume you have 5 sites in total.
1 ) Decide on what site you want to have the admin... or on all of them if you like it that way.
2 ) Install CjOverkill on the first site using the installation script as usual.
3 ) Copy all the files from that first site to the other sites WITHOUT running again the install script. You must copy the cj-conf.inc.php from the first site to the other ones.
4 ) Add your sites from the admin panel using Add Site
5 ) You have all your sites running under the same CjOverkill installation. You need only one admin, but it doesn't hurt to have the admin uploaded to all the other sites... it's up to you.
6 ) You can use the option to feed one site with the residual traffic from all the other sites. Just select that site and hit the Overkill button. Only one site can be in Overkill mode and it will get all the residual traffic from your other sites. This should save you some money in buying feeder traffic when you start new sites.

8th April 2011, 07:40 PM
so i am on a shared server using add on domains but i didn't install this on the main domain .I can see why it would be a good idea to filter out lost traffic to the main domain.I think that happens a lot because all the add on domains are actually folders of the main even though the surfer cant see that.But I prrefer now separate installs for each domain to facilitate moving sites to different servers if need be etc.So on a add on domain ,and since i am not using the multi site feature does it matter if your site is installed in the top section or as the DEFAULT ?.And since it is currently installed in the top section is it possible to switch it to the "DEFAULT" domain? thanks for clearing that up

11th April 2011, 05:21 PM
Just make sure that you don't use the DEFAULT domain for trading. Use Add site and then add your current domain.

You can have one domain per install if you want, and it will be just a single site isntallation like in version 4.x

The DEFAULT should not be used for trading because it will catch some of the hitbots and also will not generate toplists.