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1st March 2011, 08:22 PM

Sorry for my english but I'm french.

I try to install CJoverkill. My questions are :

1/ With WORDPRESS, Where must I install the script, in which dorectory ?

- root
- wpcontent
- wpcontent/theme/themename

2/ With WORDPRESS, In which file INDEX.PHP must I insert the code (include file="in.php") ?

- index.php file of root/
- index.php file of wpcontent/
- index.php file of wpcontent/theme/

3/ (include file="in.php") ?

- must be (include file="cjoverkill/in.php") or (include file="in.php")

4/ You can see the result here, my link is wrong.

The link is on the bottom of the sidebar and is call "sexe gratuit"

I insert the link <a href="out.php?url=http://www.example.com">Click here</a>, but the link go on my own site !

Thank !

1st March 2011, 09:05 PM
1 ) Must be in the root directory. You can just upload all the contents of the cjoverkill directory there.

2 ) The in.php include must go into the index.php in the root directory.
Take a look at this post: http://bbs.icefire.org/showthread.php?t=250
there you have a detailed include code for wordpress.

3 ) If you upload the in.php and other CjOverkill files into the root directory, then it should be include("in.php");

4 ) There are two kinds of links you can do with out.php

4.1 ) Gallery/post link. These ones go to a gallery or a blog post and look like:
The pct value is the % chance a click has to go to the url value. In this example, 70% chance to go the the gallery and 30% chance to go to an active trade.

4.2 ) Trade link. These links go directly to trades and are usually used in toplists. Take a look at the files into the toplist directory.
These links have 100% chance to go to that trade and also will count the hit sent to it. It's the default way to generate toplists and link partner lists. If you are using CjOverkill automatic toplist generation then the links will be ordered according to the traffic they send to you.

With wordpress you should always link to /out.php and not to out.php to avoid problems with most wp SEO mods ways to show fake directory structures.

Hope this answers your questions.