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28th November 2010, 12:26 PM

I would like to have some more info about the functions in the "Mas edit"
Max Prod: ?
Min Prod: ?

What means these things.

I have now lots of trades that have a production of "zero" and i want to have them disable automatiliy and when they have a prod of 85% then they get back on. is there some fucntion for?


28th November 2010, 03:17 PM
Edit the site settings for max prod and min prod that you want for new trades.

Then with mass edit you can edit the existing trades.

Max prod = the maximum productivity that a trade can have before hitting the anticheat filters. For example, if your site has an average productivity of 250% ,a trade with 500% productivity would probably be cheating or doing something strange. so a maximum prod of 500% would flag that trade as cheating until you check it.

Same with minimum prod.
You can set the minimum prod to 85% and the trades with productivity that is less than 85% will get autodisabled.

In site settings set the minimum hits to check for cheats to something according to your site. the default is 100, so trades with less than 100 uniques are not checked for some anticheat filters. If you have lots of small trades you could reduce it to 50.