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13th November 2010, 12:41 AM

I was wondering if there is an explanation available of all items of cj overkill. I already read the manual but lots of things i cant find..

For example explanation about raw, uniq, clicks,prod,return,f,fd and so on. Some things are clear but some not.

So i just set up a new trade. It says 44 raw / 25 uniq. Out 4 and clicks 32. production 128% and return 16%.

If i understand correctly that means i got 44 visits from my trades and from that 44 there where 25 unique visitors. And i send 4 back ? And return is based on 25 unique vistors right ?

Or does it mean i had 44 visitors on my site, they clicked 32 times on one of my cj links and i send 4 of them to my trades. i got 16% back from my trades ?

Why not just place incomming and outgoing button. its looks confusing now lol

But what are those clicks. is that amount of times my own visitors clicked on the cjoverkill links from my own site ? I placed skimming at 70% so 30% to my trades. 30% of 32 clicks should be 9 or 10 or am i seeing it all wrong ?

it would be nice if there was a option to delete all ip's in the ip filter at once. Now i have to manually delete each ip at a time.



13th November 2010, 03:34 PM
From your data...

You got 25 unique visitors that made 44 page hits or loads... in short, some of them returned over a 24 hours period or were sent twice to your site.

They made 32 clicks on out.php powered links.

You sent back to that trade 4 visits.

The return is measured based on the trade method of choice (Settings panel).
The default is pure productivity trade method, that measures uniques in and the clicks they make.
Uniques trade method measures only unique visitors regardless of clicks they make.
And Overkill trade method is a mix of the above two and is completely unbalanced. It's a trade method that allows small sites good trades to grow really fast and bad trades to die also very fast. It's good for small sites just to boost several good trades at the beginning and then switch to the pure productivity trade method.

Said that, and assuming you are using pure productivity trade method the usual is to have the return numbers more or less like you said.
But you need also to have enough traffic for that. You need several good trades to juggle the traffic between them. Otherwise it will not work properly.

Lets see it with an example.

1 ) Trade A sends a visitor that clicks
2 ) Vistor goes to gallery
3 ) Visitor clicks again and goes to trade B
4 ) Trade C sends a visitor that clicks
5 ) Visitor goes to trade A
6 ) Trade B sends a visitor that clicks
7 ) Visitor goes to trade C

So, in this example with 3 trades you have A -> B ; C -> A ; B -> C
If your other trades miss traffic it will not work because you cannot return the same visitor to your trade ... like A -> A.
So you need either more trades or at least some traffic that does not come from trading to return some visitors to your trade.

The IP filter is completely automated. It will delete the IPs in 24 hours, so you should't care much about it.

13th November 2010, 04:07 PM
Ah ok then im going to test the different settings. And yes i did use the standard trade based on productivity based on 70 skimming.

Also i have used the first click to gallery function. trying to delete that and see how it goes.

I have some very strange results lol for example:

site 1: raw 2758, uniq 1118, clicks 1217 and out 43 so thats only 4% instead of 30% based on clicks.

site 2: raw 264, uniq 145, clicks 241 and out 41 so thats almost 20% based on clicks.

Kinda strange results right ? I use out.php?f=1&pct=70

is that because i use f=1 ? so if 100 visitors clicking 100 links there should be no outs at all right ?

13th November 2010, 04:39 PM
f=1 parameter means that first click goes 100% to gallery.
So if your site has a productivity near 100%, then it's usual that there will be less traffic out to trades.
If your site has a productivity near 200% for example, then there would be more out to trades.

This is what happens when you have f=1&pct=70:

Click 1 --> goes to gallery with 100% chance
Click 2 --> 70% chance to go to gallery and 30% to go to trade
Click 3 --> 70% chance to go to gallery and 30% to go to trade

So if your surfers don't make the clicks 2 and 3, then they just go to the gallery and that's it.

13th November 2010, 04:41 PM
Did you add the in.php include I pointed you in another thread? For tubes it is better because probably some IPs are being ignored for clicking to fast. You could also try disabling the fast click anticheat protection. Similar result have been seen before with unproperly configured anticheat protections.

13th November 2010, 05:50 PM
Yup it works now. i removed the f=1 and that helped a lot to gives the trades a push...

I now understand almost everything lol... bit of finetuning now :)

And yes i did use your special in.php include with the cookie. I noticed there are still a lot of ip's in the ip filter.

For example this afternoon i had 3726 unique visitors and there are 175 ip's in my ip filter. Dont know if thats much but it looks much lol.

I have changed the following settings but that didnt help much:

Max Clicks: 150
Max Repeated IPs: 99

I also see a option with Max Seconds Between Clicks. now standing on 1. What does that option do ?

cheers and thanks for all your help, much appreciated


13th November 2010, 07:06 PM
You should keep the max clicks and repeated Ips to something more realistic.

The maximum seconds between clicks is just the "2nd click" antibot detection. For example, we assume than an human will not click two gallery links in less than 1 second, but a bot will do that. At the same moment this happens the IP is set into the filter.

This cheat protection usually gets all the search engine and other spiders filtered, and if you have set the ignore filtered IP option in the network settings that will make google, microsoft and yahoo spiders happy.
Take in mind that lots of automated hack spiders that scan for vulnerable wordpress, joomla, php nuke or similar script will also get filtered by this protection.

Having the ignore blacklisted IP option will also make your freeloading surfers happy. They will not get booted out of your site, and with some luck they may buy something some day.

Meanwhile, no blacklisted IP will be sent to trades to avoid bot traffic spreading around.
The IPs that your trades have sent you and have gone to the filter will be substracted from the trade with their clicks and will be moved to the special trade called filtered, so even if a trade sends you some bot traffic by mistake or just trying to cheat on you, that traffic will not affect your other trades and will not decrease your out traffic value.

13th November 2010, 09:22 PM
ah ok thats understandable :)

One more thing i want to know haha. Some trades demand i send at least 10 visitors before they send traffic back. But i noticed because they dont send traffic to me yet the script put them on auto disabled.

If i put a force on that trade will it then not be auto-disabled ?

thanks again for all the info

14th November 2010, 12:58 AM
Instead of putting them with force, try the Overkill or Boost button.
Overkill or boost will never disable a trade and will give it maximum priority over every other trade.

Just remember to have only one or two trades on overkill or boost because while they are getting the maximum priority your other trades will be starved a bit, so having alot of trades in overkill or boost mode could cause harm to your traffic, but having one or two will make that trade go up as fast as possible,