View Full Version : out.php not working .. blank page

12th November 2010, 08:44 PM

I just added a new site to cj ovekill and for some reason the out.php is not working.

When i put this in my browser: http://www.example.com/out.php im redirected to a blank page. I also tried to copy the out.php to a different folder but same problem there. I tried downloading all cj overkill files and upload them again (except the config.inc of my main cj overkill site)

All directorty rights are ok and files are uploaded in binary mode. And i already have some working trades in the admin.

I just added another site and the out.php also dont work there. All sites are on same server and same files are in directory with same rights.

Strange part is that one site works great with exactly the same files. When i copy those files to the one that doesnt word it doest help.. i remember that the out.php didnt work immediately on the site that is working great now too but for some reason the problem was fixed then withouth knowing how i did it.

Any idea what im doing wrong ? im so confused now ... did i miss some settings or am i doing something wrong ?



12th November 2010, 09:28 PM
Problem solved. Copied original files again and now it works. I think some files where uploaded wrong but im not sure though lol.

I know uploaded php files first in binary mode and then the rest in auto mode...that seemed to solve the problem

Ah well it works :)