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12th November 2010, 01:23 PM

I have a couple of questions:

Mass Edit
Is it possible to mass edit links for all your sites in the network ? I see option called mass edit but that only edits some settings for all trades within one domain.

For example i want to put some trades on IMMUTABLE on all my domains but i can only edit one link at a time with the mass edit tool.

Second i want to set some option for all my trades about production etc. But i can only do that by clicking each trade. So that means when i have 40 sites in my network each having 50+ trades i have to edit each trade so that are about 40 x 50 = 2000 clicks. Would be nice if i can mass change those settings too.

So for example when i have a trade called example.com listed on 36 domains it would be nice if i could mass edit all option for that trade in all domains at once.

IP Filter
I have a tube site where visitors click a lot of links. I noticed the ip filter had lots of ip's listed with the message those visitors where clicking to fast to be human.

How can i change those settings so not every visitor will be send to the ip filter ?

Also when someone is in the ip filter what happens then ?

For example when someone whos ip is filtered goes to http://www.url.com/out.php?f=1&pct=70&url=http://www.url.com/video1

Does he goes to the Alternative Out or does he just skip cj overkill and goes to my own url in this case http://www.url.com/video1 ? Would be nice if i could choose myself what happens with them. The alternate out is a static url so thats not totally flexible

Skimmg and counting

I use the skimming option (pct=70) so 70% goes to my own urls and 30% goes to one of my trades.

Is their a way say i can see how many visitors those 30% is ?

For example if i have 1000 visitors visiting the trade url. 30% should be 300 visitors. It would be great if i can see per site in my network how many visitors i can send a day/week/month to my trades. And how many is left.

So it would be nice if i could see that i send for example 20% to my trades already so i have 10% left (100 visitors) so i know i can add a new trade.

Also it would be nice if i can decide for myself what happens with that leftover traffic so in this case the 10%. I want to choose if i send that traffic to my own urls (so skip the skimming for them) or maybe to send them spread to all my trades or some specific urls i want.

Lot of questions lol...sorry for that :)



12th November 2010, 02:24 PM
That's alot of questions... lets reply them one by one :)

Mass Edit works per site only. This is completely deliberated, but could be added as an option to edit the entire network.

The forces are per trade and usually will unbalance the trade formula. If you set forces to all the trades on a given site, then it will do nothing unless you are feeding the site with external traffic from somewhere.

Putting a trade on IMMUTABLE means that this trade will never get disabled not checked for cheats. Mass Editing this option could be not the best, but you have given me an idea to add an immutable option directly to the add trade dialog, so it's added to all the sites as immutable. Could be useful for large networks of sites.

The IP filter has two work modes.
1 ) Once an IP is filtered it's ignored and no more accounted. That IP will see your site as it has no trade script installed, it will just bypass all the CjOverkill routines. This is the best option because search engine spiders tend to do alot of clicks and showing them a site "without" trades usually makes you rank a bit higher.
2 ) Any filtered IP is sent to the default filter URL.
You can set these two options in Network Settings --> Bots management.

The skimmed clicks will go to your trades. Those are the outs to your trades.
The Q column is there to show you the ratio between clicks your trades generate and outs they get. Usually having the Q over 100% means that there is a traffic gain with that trade or site.

You have an option to funnel all the left over traffic of your entire network to a single site. It's very good if you start a new site and want to feed it instantly instead of buying feeder traffic for it.
Just select that site from the main cjadmin and click on the Overkill Button. It will redirect all the alternative out url hits from your other sites to that site. Only one site can be set to Overkill and collect the left over traffic from the others.

The extra traffic you have is accounted as outs in the external trade. You can see that way how much extra traffic does your site have and add more trades if you want... or try to make the good ones bigger.

12th November 2010, 02:26 PM
Since you are running a tube the IP filter may go crazy because you are using the standard in.php include.

Use the one described here: http://bbs.icefire.org/showpost.php?p=991&postcount=2

That usually does the work with practically all tube scripts and wordpress.

12th November 2010, 03:58 PM
Hi There,

Many thanks for your fast and well explained reply!! And thanks for the tips, i will take a look at that right away!

The reason i want to put many trades on IMMUTABLE is because i have a large network of tube sites who are also trades from each other added in cjoverkill. So i dont want my sites to be dead trades and put them on IMMUTABLE. There is no chance of cheating and other bad stuff offcourse because im the owner of those sites :)

But another handy use of that kind of mass edit is things like multi edit trade descriptions and stuff like that. For example if i have a trade called example.com with description "this is a perfect site" which is added as a trade to my whole network. It would be nice if i could change the desciption to all sites at once.

Dead Trades
When some of my trades are inactive i see i can tell the script to put them on dead within the days i want. I now have place 7 days there. When a trade is marked as "dead" i think none of my traffic is send to that trade anymore right ?

Is it possible to email those dead trades automatically. So for example when a trade doesnt send enough traffic i can send them an auto message 1 or 2 days before the trade will be marked as "dead" saying that that if they want to keep trading they have to boost traffic ?

Oh one more question. I have copied the cjadmin folder to all my sites. I just read that this wasnt needed. I did copy the functions.inc.php file from my main cj admin to all sites though. Is it ok to leave that folder on the rest of my sites or do i have to delete it an only place one at the main site where the script is installed ?



12th November 2010, 05:30 PM
You don't need to delete the cjadmin folder. It's not needed on all your sites, but it's up to you to have it on all of them.

When a trade is inactive it usually gets autodisabled and no traffic is sent to it until the trade goes live again and gets autoenabled. If the trade stays inactive for a long time then it's marked as dead with a D in the status (S) column.

Adding a mail option is a good idea, so I am noting it for some next version.