View Full Version : how setup cjoverkill for blog gallery trade

3rd September 2010, 09:57 PM
sorry for my english

first question:
how setup cjoverkill for gallery trade?

I want send traffic to


and on my admin I want see

trade1 (total out)

same for "in" traffic (my parter can send traffic to mywebsite.com/gallery1.html - mywebsite.com/gallery2.html and is counted in unique trade)

second question
is possible don't reset counted in and out after 24 hour i want built a top 100 like http://babes.coolios.net/trading/toptraders.php or http://exgirlfriendmarket.com/friends

third question
how is possible integrate cjoverkill with wp with wp-supercache (cache can cause problem?)

4th September 2010, 01:12 PM
For gallery trade you have the option to use this kind of link.


Your trades will have an unique id into your CjOverkill admin panel. Just select the trade and click on the Link Code button. there you will be given a link ending with ?tid=123 Just make sure your trades send to the gallery with this ending link.
For example, http://www.yoursite.com/gallery1.php?tid=123

I assume that wp is handling the galleries and they are processed via php. If it's a pure html then it will be not possible because the in.php include will be missing and also html is not processed on the server side.

The all time toplist and not 24 hours toplist is not possible, but it will be in the next CjOverkill release dated for the end of this month.

To integrate CjOverkill with wp, just add the in.php include as the first line of the wp index.php and make sure that the CjOverkill files are into the main wp directory.

In fact, you should use this include code for better results.

setcookie("overkill_in", time(), time()+($cookietime*1));
include ("in.php");

As for the cache, wp cache is very agressive with serrver side variables and usually will cache them too giving wrong information to CjOverkill. In any case, you should try and see how it works for you, just make sure the in.php include is added to the wp index and not to the template index because then it will do strange things.