View Full Version : Problem with the toplist'cron

28th July 2010, 04:56 PM

My trade site work well with cj script 6 month ago.
Each Hour I Have 2000 visitors on my trade site.

But some day, the toplist'cron does not generate the html files.
Sometimes I reboot my server and the toplist'cron works well each hour.

But in this moment, the toplist cron doesn't work. I have traffic and I don't understand.

IceFire (or anyone) can you help me ?
Is it possible to launch the toplist cron with a command to use the unix cron to solve my problems with the recurrent bug of my toplist cron ?

28th July 2010, 06:36 PM
CjOverkill doesn't use cron to generate the toplists. It uses a custom function instead.

Take a look at the daily log and see when was the last daily reset/entry. If it has not been this las night then probably your server clock has gone wild at some time and that has caused the internal toplist reset mechanism to fail.

To fix it just open the CjOverkill database with phpmyadmin and run this SQL:

UPDATE cjoverkill_reset SET rst_h='0', rst_d='0' ;

That will fix the internal reset clock of CjOverkill and make it generate toplists properly again.