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15th January 2010, 11:00 PM
Hi. I need some help managing traffic.
- If my sites sends 60 to a certain site and I don't get any traffic back on my site from them, what's the best thing to do ?

- Also the stats of cj gives 0 but google analytics does say that we received traffic from that same site ? What's true ?

- If I set a site up for 1 (traffic force) how so I set the min prod % ? And does that garantee and return traffic (using traffic force)

- What the best 'standard' setting starting a trade ?

Hopefully you don't find me to dumb !

16th January 2010, 04:11 AM
These are lots of questions, lets answer them one by one.

1 ) Usually if you send some traffic to another site but don't get traffic back from it, the best is to stop sending traffic to that site. Some sites may require you to send some amount of traffic before sending you traffic back. The best option is to contact the site webmaster and request them to enable the trade.

2 ) If google analytics says it, then it's probably true. Make sure that you have added the in.php include. Otherwise it will not count incoming traffic at all.

3 ) Traffic force and minimum productivity are two completely different things. You can set a force for whatever you want (as long as you have that traffic). Then you can edit the minimum productivity for a trade selecting that trade and then hitting the edit button; via mass edit for all the trades or from the site settings panel for new trades. The minimum productivity is the productivity that the given trade must have to stay enabled. for example, a minimum prod of 25% means that if the trade sends you traffic that is less than 25% productive it will be disabled.

4 ) It depends on your site. For a tgp/mgp or a tube, then default settings are ok. For a nonskim or gaming site you may need to tweak a bit.

Just to make sure you are not mistaking site and trade...
A site is the list of sites you see when you login into cjadmin. You can add sites via add site opction, then hit refresh to see them.
Once you see the site, click on the domain link and it will open a new panel with that site trades. there you can add trades to that site and manage them.
Of course, you must have the in.php include on that site and link through the out.php or have a toplist, so clicks are also registered.

16th January 2010, 02:36 PM
Thanks Icefire. But we are totally new at this and YES we need more help. Is there a way you could help us out ? Could we give you the website and login + pw so you could check this out for us ? We know we doing something not right, but can't figure out what exactly.:mad:

18th January 2010, 01:42 PM
Sorry for the late reply.

Feel free to contact me on ICQ 171216535 and I will explain you in detail how to configure your site.