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10th December 2009, 12:22 AM
hi icefire
can you help me please with a function of your trade script.
I've forgotten how the option "Default Return Ratio" works.
What happens when I use a higer value for ratio?
And what is the Maximum what can be used? 99.9?
2.0 will try to send 200% back iam right?.

When do i need to adjust the ratio higher than default

do i need the default return ratio than for every trade? and do i need to edit the max % return too?

thanks for your help

10th December 2009, 01:09 PM
In CjOverkill version 5.x that value has more usual name and you cannot miss what is it used for.

In CjOverkill version 4.x this value is used mainly as maximum return %. 2.0 means 200%. You can add more or less, but ovr 250% you are completely defeating the purpose of the trade script because you may end oversending your trades alot.
If you want to send lots of traffic to a given trade without it sending traffic to you, just edit that trade and set it as IMMUTABLE status. That will make this trade special and will never disable it. Then the script will send all the extra traffic to it without starving your other trades.