View Full Version : suggestion for cj-conf.inc.php

2nd July 2009, 09:26 PM
Thank you for your wonderful work, I'm a newbie and trying to set up cjoverkill on my website.

I'm using Zend Framework and I had an error including in.php on my home page controller. The script was not able to connect to db.
So I started debugging a little bit and I have found that all the db connection variables were blank inside my controller, when cjoverkill_connect( ) function is called.

The easiest solution is to change cj-conf.inc.php like this one:

$GLOBALS['cjoverkill_host']="your host";
$GLOBALS['cjoverkill_user']="your user";
$GLOBALS['cjoverkill_passwd']="your password";
$GLOBALS['cjoverkill_db']="your db";

Hope it can help someone :)